Foreword South was birthed from our own experiences.

Navigating a stifling political climate while mobilizing the agents to promote progressive ideals is no easy task in the conservative hotbeds of the south. Yet, we learned everywhere we turned there were courageous leaders who were committed to the incomplete work of justice for all. We were inspired by their steadfast belief that we could truly reconcile our abhorrent racial tensions, promote and affirm inclusivity and diversity for any and every identity, and ensure young people could see a future here where their own self-expression, passions, and love can thrive freely. It’s the fuel that drove our own work and its fuel that ultimately brought Foreword South to life.

On this platform we will use the age-old tradition of storytelling to profile Southern visionaries, activists, designers, artists, and change-makers. Our aim is to paint a new picture of the Southern identity. Each foreword, simply an introduction but never the full story, will have one unifying theme: progress in the face of adversity. These are real southern stories of real southern people.

This is Foreword South.


what is a foreword?

Every person has their own story; a collection of defining moments and interactions they’ve amassed along their life’s path. At Foreword South, we want to be intentional about transcribing those stories and amplifying them to a larger audience.  In a book, a foreword, usually written by someone other than the author, serves as an introduction to a body of written work.  A foreword gives some insight into that person’s experience with the author or the text itself.

The forewords we display here are introductions to a whole spectrum of southern folks based on our experiences hearing their stories.

the foreword south approach

Foreword South uses an original storytelling system to showcase the Southern identity. Seeking to be inclusive, we are intentional in the stories we tell with the aim of increasing visibility of Southern visionaries, activists, designers, artists, and change-makers. We engage consumers on all levels, from social media, long-form narratives, to live events that showcase the diversity of the region. 

Our services include podcasting, long-form written articles, videography, and other graphic storytelling. Please email for inquires about partnerships and pricing. See our media packages here.

our team.


Megan Skipper

Co-founder & contributor

Megan is an Alabama native and graduate from Auburn University, where she studied human development and family studies. In 2018, Megan received her master’s degree in strategic communications. She grew up in the Mobile area and much to her parents’ relief, her obstinate nature and “smart mouth” turned into skills she can actually use. Most recently, she worked as a Democratic strategist in the 2018 midterm elections cycle in AL before returning to communications in education policy at a nonprofit in Montgomery.  

Megan has experience in political organizing and strategy, domestic violence research, youth development programs, working with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women, and non-profit development. Each of these has awoken a love for people and their stories--particularly those that are often untold. She intends to dedicate her work and free time to the South, partly because she loves the region and partly because she really hates the cold. In her free time, she prefers to bake, cuddle with her cat, write, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and enjoy the company of her friends. Find Megan on Twitter @themegskipper.

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Dillon Nettles

Co-founder & contributor

Dillon was born and raised in Alabama where he attended Auburn University and studied Political Science. His strong interest in social justice movements and politics from a young age compelled him into student organizing before moving to Montgomery to craft community engagement strategies and improve education policies impacting Black and brown children and families. In that time period, he also received recognition as a Millennial Impact Fellow by New Profit and a Digital Leaders Fellow by Students for Education Reform.

In 2018, Dillon joined the ACLU of Alabama as a Policy Analyst to take on the most critical issues impacting Alabamians civil rights and liberties. As a proud Southerner, he is inspired by the organizers and activists that built a blueprint for change that has catalyzed movements across the world and when he’s not thinking about that he’s more than likely rehearsing for Beyonce’s next tour. He’s dedicated to uplifting the voices of young, Black queer folks across the South and using his own to be a voice for the voiceless. Keep up with Dillon on Twitter @dylawn4.

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ashley edwards

Co-founder & contributor

Ashley is a social worker who grew up in Conyers, Georgia and crossed state lines to settle in Montgomery, Alabama. In 2015, Ashley received her Bachelor of Social Work from Auburn University and is currently enrolled in Auburn’s Master of Social Work program. Over the past few years, Ashley has worked with expectant parents, children and their families, and both currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. She is passionate about dismantling the cradle to prison pipeline through clinical practice and community empowerment.

Of all the things that keep her up at night, Ashley hopes most that communities will be able to develop and sustain support systems to ensure that those who are made vulnerable can thrive. When she’s not furiously screaming rap lyrics, she enjoys reading, crocheting, and falling asleep to white noise. You can find her posting TMI to her instastory @ashledwards.

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