Episode 6 - Josh Carples

With a documentary, someone gives you a whole bunch of puzzle pieces and they keep the picture on the box. You have no idea, but you’re trying to put the pieces together how they fit.
— Josh Carples

In this episode, we got a first look at the yet-to-be released documentary, Remembering Anarcha, a film covering the story of the Mothers of Gynecology and how the procedures performed on them speak to racial disparities in healthcare, medical ethics, and how the surgeries endured by once unknown women have left an impact on healthcare today. We sat down with the film's director, Josh Carples, to learn more about his process as he uncovered Anarcha's story.

The three of us also chat about Kay Ivey's futile prison expansion plans, the promise in Birmingham, and why we're forever shaking our heads at the Alabama GOP.

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